KESNOH INC. has been involved in several commercial and residential developments over the past years. Excavating is considered as the fundamental for all services related to trucking. Considering this, our company made sure that our team is comprised of skilled and experienced operators.

Moving earth using large equipment requires more than skill. But, we are confident that all our operators have more than the skill required to move earth with our heavy equipment fleet efficiently, professionally and responsibly.

Our excavation services cover a range of applications, from residential driveways, footings to larger commercial building sites. We are also capable of handling mass excavating projects. Whatever you need, know that our team is always ready to provide all them to you.

We have always prided our team with our capability to handle projects from beginning to completion. This also starts from clearing any site, digging foundations or footings, hauling construction materials and more up to the last task. We offer our excavation projects for demolition, site preparation, land clearing and for ponds application.

With all these things, why do you think it is beneficial to hire our company with these services? We would like to answer that by means of:

Professionalism - Our professionalism does not include capability of handling a project from beginning to completion. We have all the experience, knowledge and skills to complete our job. We believe that it is also about working promptly and accomplishing the project as what is stated.

Quality Services - All our professionals have the skill and experience to execute or handle our heavy equipment fleet. Hence, you can always guarantee of a well-delivered and quality services in the end.

Excellent Pricing - More than the experience and quality services, we offer all these to you at a price you can afford.

We want to give you the best service. KESNOH INC. believes that it can be achieved with the combination of the three.