The Growth in New Building Construction in Ontario


The construction industry is definitely one of the most important sectors that help boosts the status of the economy. Consequently, a recent survey has showed that further growth in the construction industry in Ontario is expected to take place in 2015.

Forecast about Ontario's Commercial Construction and Residential Development Status
Based on a report, Ontario's construction industry has grown over the medium-term. It was also stated in a report that non-residential activity is anticipated to reach its peak in the year of 2017. Although residential investment has slowed down in 2013, it has still shown an improvement in 2014. From then on, it was expected that residential investments will rise steadily at a moderate rate onwards.

At Present
Current findings based from a province-based survey made by contractors showed that GTA is anticipated to lead the institutional, commercial and industrial construction industry this 2015. This growth in the industry is continuously driven by projects that are related to urban infrastructure and public transportation developments.
Although public transportation, infrastructure and manufacturing projects are also supported beyond the Greater Toronto Area, it is still in this location wherein much growth in the construction industry will take place.

Other projects beyond the GTA include:

The retooling project at Chrysler, Windsor which is allocated with a billion budget. The project is put into schedule as way to prepare for their next generation minivan.

The $2.13 billion construction of a light rapid transit in Ottawa.

The $857 million-worth investment made by Honda.

The upgrade project scheduled by the Ontario Government. This project is about the upgrade of the 3 plants in the north part of Toronto.

With such growth to be expected in GTA comes the significant role that trucking companies will play throughout. A trucking company's role in these projects is crucial since it is through their manpower, skills and equipment that a construction is started. Basically, these companies are dealing with the preparation of the site for the construction activity.

That is why it is important to choose a reliable company when hiring one. Otherwise, the entire construction will be badly affected, particularly in terms of delayed completion.

Hence, this further emphasizes the importance of two things:

1. Hiring a reliable trucking company capable of meeting deadlines and

2. Budgetary requirements

All construction-related projects are provided with a deadline of completion for contractors to meet. If not completed on time, this will lead to compromising a lot of things - from the function of the structure to be constructed to breach of contract.

In any case, this will lead to legal issues and loss of profits. These are just among of the possible scenarios that may be encountered on a project when completed in an untimely manner. This is especially if it is caused by the delay in the site preparation.

The best way to avoid such issues is to hire a trucking company. Each project is provided with allotted budget. Hence, the trucking company must ensure that this budget is met.
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